“More Than This” by the English pop-rock band One Iota transported me to the 70s in a way no other song has managed to do this year. Let’s take a trip back in time and explore further.

Picture yourself immersed in a sea of intricately woven harmonies within a subtly progressive framework. The cohesive chemistry and solid base of the music are truly remarkable. This track boasts numerous psychedelic and progressive elements that set it apart from any other band in recent memory. What’s truly impressive is that all four band members contribute vocals alongside their expertise on each instrument. Following the recording of their album at the legendary Abbey Road Studios, the band’s latest single transitions from emotive piano melodies to infectious pop vocals and soaring guitar solos.

I am truly impressed by the captivating melody that effortlessly lingers in your mind. Upon exploring their press information, I discovered the reason behind its appeal. Initially, they began as a three-piece Beatles tribute band called The Threetles, transitioning to creating their original music during the pandemic. Subsequently, they welcomed a drummer and released their acclaimed album “More Than You Take” in 2022, receiving praise from both critics and fans. Once again, they unveil to the world another exceptional progressive rock masterpiece.

One Iota comprises exceptional artists: Adam Dawson (Vocals, Keyboards & Guitars), Andrew Bowen (Vocals, Lead guitar), James Brown (Vocals, Acoustic and electric guitars), and Phil Everard (Vocals and Drums). These names are worth remembering, as I consider One Iota to be the modern-day equivalent of The Beatles and Pink Floyd. Experience the magic and delight in their music below!