Most of the time, I try to be as neutral as possible while listening to a new album, and if I mention some good technical points, I try to be as objective as possible. Well, this isn’t the case here really with Sharon’s album because I won’t be neutral, in fact, I admire her performance and I think that she is currently one of the most important melodic metal singers in the current era. If you had the chance to check my previous review for ‘Can We Pretend‘ and ‘Screaming Into Oblivion‘ you will understand my point and why am I in love with this album.

In my opinion, “Morbid Illusion” was able to implement the perfect album perspective for an alternative melodic metal style in 2021. Sharone‘s experience is pretty obvious in her music and that was based on her past performance in several local venues in Denver, also, she was an opening for many legendary acts, but if you wanna more about the album and her music in general, then I’d tell it’s a huge mix with several influences mainly by Evanescence and Black Sabbath among other iconic inspirations. She tries in her music to express her dark and melancholic themes using impressive atmospheric and melodramatic elements. “Morbid Illusion” is her fourth studio album which released by DI Records last May. Now, no more time to waste by reading, and check it out on her Spotify here. Enjoy! 😉

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Mena Ezzat


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