Industrial music is truly a wonderland of endlessly acceptable levels of fidelity. While most would associate industrial music with a certain scratchy quality with a hint of dirt and/or grime, a lot of others would associate it with other features… stabby, harsh and unforgiving climates, hostile effects on the instruments… perhaps a little dirt and/or grime too.

Children of Zeal is a North Carolina-based duo of childhood friends Jetson Black & Lance Moorhead. Their music is self-described as electronic music with psychedelic/industrial vibes. And if anyone asks me about the perfect usage of electronics in music, I’d say that it’s in using it to highlight a certain intention or mood, and in that respect, electronics are used to their best effect on this song. 

Cut into 2 distinct sections, verse and chorus, in the most sensible sense of ways. The verses are stabby and suspended, mystical and cyclic, a little claustrophobic, with streaks of vocals wailing away almost incoherently before the throbbing, thick and looming choruses. The chorus is perfectly ear-grabbing, working in stark contrast with the verses, quick, cohesive and intentionally dangerous and eerie, with fitting words of moonlight and drinking “potions”.

A very enjoyable and well-paced song, with verses and choruses that remind us all why the traditional verse/chorus song format became traditional in the first place. I’ll be on the lookout for the upcoming releases from Children of Zeal. An intriguing duo with a sound that’s only bound to grow and improve, with massive potential.