What would you have if you got Rolling Stones, added metal, then some Tom Morello? Nine O’Clock Nasty for sure.

Bringing in their customary Leicester abandon and disarray, Nine O’Clock Nasty returns with a charismatic and loud single, ‘Mood Is Low’. Well, if your mood really is low, we think this cut will help. Nine O’Clock Nasty claims that no tricks or gadgets were used in the production of this track. Just guitar, drums, and a bass… that’s broken. Their words, not ours. But we can confirm the joyful abandon that they also state they bring.

Loud and menacing, the song’s roughly vintage 4-on-the-floor rhythm, the simplistic rock n roll riff, and wonky lyrics like “…my mind ticks, my tick minds”, really put a smile on our face. And the retro aesthetics is then contrasted by some delicious, modern, and decisive production. The group vocals are yell-y and energetic, the chorus is intensely loud and large, and the music is quite a bit of fun on ‘Mood Is Low’.

Nine O’Clock Nasty represents a playful side of the musical landscape of England that brought us the rowdy Kasabian, and they are readily delivering. ‘Mood Is Low’ is an impatient piece of metal-esque rock n roll that answers questions that we have not asked. But we don’t care. We like the answers.