Credit Emily Gan

Montreal’s Daniel Isaiah is an artist that deserves your attention. A multi-talented musician, Isaiah has been captivating audiences with his performances on guitar and piano, all while leaving an indelible mark with his unique voice. His meticulously crafted songs have been called “stunning” by American Songwriter, reached #1 on Canadian campus stations, been selected as The Globe and Mail’s track of the week, and featured in rotation on CBC Radio 3.

Isaiah’s true gift, however, lies in his songwriting abilities, which have reached new heights on his new album, To Live a Wild Life. The songs create a compelling conversation, grappling with chaos and death, but ultimately affirming life in all its unpredictable twists and turns.

On “Brock Avenue,” Isaiah explains this track he had been humming for years. After two decades away from his childhood neighborhood, on a recent visit he saw a familiar face in an old neighbor who hugged him in condolence of his mother’s passing. That moment inspired the process and weight of the single. “The song seems to embrace all of my childhood. All of my love and loss,” he says.

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