With a soaring guitar melody that shakes listeners to the core, “Month End” has all that it takes to create the perfect psychedelic, alt-rock sound. With intertwining bass and guitar mixes, “Month End” creates a unique, electric-guitar sound using themes that deviate from the expected lovelorn lands of bands competing for Valentine’s Day releases and debuts. Hyooman’s chorus Timing is everything, Timing is everything, Everything is time is an a-ha moment that exploits the message at the heart of the song. The combination of guitar and bass notes make for a thrilling ride, a car driving into the night and never taking its foot off the gas. Vocals act as a background and leave the theater for the music, showcasing Dillon Marchus’s skills at aptly playing bass, which can be notably found in their earlier tracks such as “Kid”.
The second single released off their upcoming album, Hyooman’s “Month End” is a blast. With a quirky music video that draws haunting inspiration from Sesame Street, “Month End” is the perfect track for the long road. A melody in the middle of chaos, a forgotten whisper for the dark times.

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Jaylan Salah