Launched in 2017, JUNO Award-winning alternative rockers MONOWHALES have put a new lease on the alt rock genre and established themselves as one of the most exciting new bands in Canada.

Anger and frustration take center stage of their latest offering, “StuckintheMiddle,” as vocalist Sally Shaar passionately repeats “I’m stuck in the middle, I’m chained like an animal.”

The lyrics and performance were channeled through a dark time for Shaar, culminating in one of their heaviest songs ever, both emotionally and musically. The band leaned into their hard rock background, creating an enormous sound complete with stadium-sized drums, half-time breakdowns, and a searing guitar solo.

Watch the music video for “StuckintheMiddle

Intergenerational trauma, self-doubt, and a constant struggle against a male-dominated music industry all play a role in what Shaar has come to deal with on a daily basis. Shot in a classic ’50s kitchen, it illustrates what can be expected of a woman in Shaar’s position.

“StuckintheMiddle” continues the story of MONOWHALES opening up to the world, fearlessly exposing their most vulnerable states in a desperate pursuit of emotional honesty. With multiple Top 10 singles, millions of streams, and countless shows played across Canada (including support slots for Mother Mother, K.Flay, DFA 1979, Sloan, and Marianas Trench), MONOWHALES have earned a special place in the hearts and minds of fans across the country. The group’s third album, Tunnel Vision, will be released this fall.

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