Exploding out of their hometown of Toronto, JUNO Award-winning band MONOWHALES have been putting a new lease on the alt rock genre. In 2022, the band was awarded the JUNO for Breakthrough Group of the Year, toured the country as direct support to Mother Mother, and has been releasing a steady stream of unforgettable new music.

Co-written with Stefan Babcock of PUP, “RICH$$$” is a breath of fresh air on a sunny day in the park with your friends. This one goes out to all your ride or die’s. What feels richer than a solid connection with a loved one? Nothin’.

MONOWHALES have spent the past year putting out some pretty intense, dark songs, but now they get to shift gears and share a fun summer banger about how much they love their friends.

“I fell in love with a girl. She made me feel like I didn’t need anything else in the world – she still makes me feel that way,” says guitarist Zach Zanardo. “‘RICH$$$’ is a song about two outsiders who happened to be in the right place at the right time. Everything seems to make sense when you have love. You can finally let go of who you thought you were supposed to be. You can be yourself and be accepted for it.”

The official music video was put together by Grace Turner (an up-and-coming film maker in Toronto, who also plays in a great band called City Builders), using video clips which were all contributed by dedicated fans.

“RICH$$$” is the latest single from their upcoming album, Tunnel Vision, out Sept 9, 2022. See MONOWHALES on their Canadian tour in Sept and Oct.

Press via Auteur Research