Yorgos Elàson’s upcoming studio album is shaping up to be a quite interesting fusion of folk and acoustic rock with a second single that features unusual percussion, melancholia-stained environments, and Elàson’s own unforgettable vocal timbre, gritty, melodic, and soulful.

Athens-based Greek singer and songwriter Yorgos Elàson creates music that would stand out in Greece itself. The proprietor of a certain brand of jangly acoustic music that comes across on his latest single ‘Mono Sto Myalo’ as a high-fidelity version of Tom Waits’s music from his ‘Frank’s Wild Years’ era -arguably his saddest- all with random and searing guitar stabs and clanky rhythms that trod along in a stagecoach on a cobble-road kind of fashion.

The song’s composition uses pockets of light and darkness to move forward, with segments of hope, followed by others of despair -musically- that make the song’s harmony sound like a story being told, distant from the lyrics, which are sung in beautiful Greek. The song’s wooden and earthy timbres come courtesy of a roomy sound to the production, featuring an acoustic guitar in its forefront, with Elàson’s voice coming in as a fitting complement to that guitar, with its gritty, but warm and welcoming nature.

‘Mono Sto Myalo’ has piqued our curiosity for what the singer has got in store for us on his upcoming studio affair, that’s set to drop in late 2023. With his unique brand of folk music, Yorgos Elàson is an artist that has the potential to present a new and colorful sound on the ever-evolving global folk music stage.