Sam Corcoran

Sleeping Together is a fresh Mancunian invention. Formed over Facetime, it was one of the few positives that happened to emerge out of the lockdown. Bringing larger-than-life beats, quality hooks, and solid songwriting onto the indie table. Dirty and gritty DIY is perhaps their trademark. Self-produced songs with a very neat, professional edge. Their latest single ‘Summer Girl’ was a hit, achieving decent radio time, and a feature in Spotify’s “UK&IE Fresh Finds playlist, and the band thought to capitulate on that momentum by this new single, titled ‘Money & Nicotine’.

Money & Nicotine has a very tight sound. Solid, grounded, focused, yet catchy. The guitar riff goes perfectly along with the drumbeats, syncopated and cycling around each other. The bassline also is melodic, and the tone is healthy. With nothing, in particular, to stand out on the arrangement side, the band makes exquisite use of dynamics. With quieter sections complimenting the more readily rocking ones. The lyrics also carry a nice message, and the singing is compelling enough to grab your attention.

Money & Nicotine is a perfectly catchy tune that gives very few things to moan about. Strong performances, attractive singing, thought-out words, it’s got it all. The guys from Sleeping Together seem to get how to make a catchy single, they already had one before, and it seems they have done it again.