Harry Wheelwright

How many times have we all felt frustrated by our bosses at work? How many of us quit our jobs and move to the next one because of them? I think everyone went through this incident at some point in life; the only difference this time is that BUZZKILL JOY decided to write a song about it. BUZZKILL JOY is a do-it-all kind of artist, from vocals and guitar to drums and co-producing. Diverse artists and genres influence his style like; Green Day, Sex Pistols, YUNGBLUD, Daisy Brain, Machine Gun Kelly, Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Billie Eilish, OMD, and Tears for Fears. 

 In only a few months, the artist was able to grab the attention of the audience with his first single, “LEHMAN WEEKEND” which received over 2K streams on Spotify, followed by “birthday cake” which reached over 11K streams. 

“Money Money Monkey” is the 3rd single released by the artist and in no time, it has already streamed over 2k times on Spotify only. Although the artist mentions that the song is “a protest against being caged physically and metaphorically”, it is mainly a protest against British Airways and the boss “Willie Walsh” and how the company’s system was unjust to its employees.  The music is captivating, unusual, and rebellious; it simply falls under no specific genre with its varied elements and overall mood. 

The song is accompanied by a music video release that perfectly reflects the meaning and context of the song. It is a part of his upcoming six-track debut EP that we surely can’t wait to explore.