The Chris Ruben Band’s latest single is a little adventurous and punchy piece of pop rock, produced to delightfully high standards, and features some terrific performances. ‘MONEY’ is a civilized piece of high-octane rock.

The Chris Ruben Band are based in Setauket, a hamlet in New York. A six-piece group, fronted by the rhythm guitars and vocals of -yes, you guessed it- Chris Ruben. The sound of the band can be easily summed up as sophisticated, smoothed-out, and hard-hitting pop rock with leanings into the lands of punk. On their latest single ‘MONEY’, a love song to the thing making everything around us go, Ruben is going with a synth motif backed by a driving guitar riff, smartly overdriven and with a balanced tone.

Ruben, basically playing the song’s broke protagonist, is delivering his lines with humor and with his usual lighthearted presence and easygoing charisma. The rest of the group proceed to kill it in the background. With a fantastically manic drum performance by Russ Miller that is setting the pace of the song to one that is hectic, lively, and dynamic, ‘MONEY’ then proceeds to shine with the numerous layers of synths and caramelized vocal harmonies. Musically, the song sounds adventurous and heady in the choruses, playful and jubilant in the verses, with an infectious synth melody.

Combining the peppy energy of The Strokes with the manic edge of Nirvana and the whimsical timbres of Tame Impala, The Chris Ruben Band deliver one more amazing single for 2024 with ‘MONEY’.