Melodic and dramatic, The Breakdown’s latest single is a piece of anthemic rock with sizzling guitars, a deep groove, and impassioned vocals that left us hungry for more.

London-based British rock band The Breakdown are giving us a weighty bit of social commentary on their latest single ‘Modern Lies’. Sung about the adverse ways social media has impacted our lives, ‘Modern Lies’ is a song that aims to highlight the sharp contrast that we have come to thrive on between our real and virtual lives.

Musically, ‘Modern Lies’ makes great use of the band’s rich instrumental quintuplet. Forefronted by Mike Connell’s distinctive, subdued, and hearty howls, the backing is an extremely lush tapestry of scratchy, overdriven guitars courtesy of Andy Strevens and Richard Gale, on top of a tight rock groove on the bass and drums, played by Michael McGuiness and Toby Young, respectively. The backing vocals create a rich layer of pad-like ethereal atmospherics, and the song’s modal chorus is the cherry on top, creating a distinct harmonic shift between verses and choruses that makes the composition interesting and ever in motion.

Solid and cacophonous mix makes ‘Modern Lies’ and its expansive instrumental tapestry shine in all the correct ways, resulting in a balanced musical offering with clear gentleman rock leanings. A solid outing. Loud, intricate, passionate, and engaging.