Mariya May

Nothing is better than 60’s rock n roll vibes, right? Mo Douglas released his latest distinguished rock tune ‘The Most Expensive Restaurant in Portland’ which is actually a time capsule that takes you back to the golden era! 

While checking the track you can find the old era influences clearly. I imagine that listening to this hitting tune while in a small pub and we are all partying and dancing. The vibes are very bright and cheerful indeed, especially the rhythmic guitar riffs and the catchy lead melody which is really gonna stick out easily in your head. In fact, you may start whistling until the end of the track. Actually, I recommend you check his Spotify channel as you can find many other tunes with a great surf rock, garage, and funky spirit. Although Mo Douglas music leans more to instrumentals, I would  love to listen to his songs including some vocals soon. If you are struggling in such hot weather and looking for a bright tune to chill, then definitely nothing better than a prestigious rock tune like The Most Expensive Restaurant in Portland’ by Mo Douglas. Check it out below and let me know what you think. Enjoy!