Things could be pretty plain, but one still can’t figure things out! And it can be hazy, but with the right one, it feels crystal clear. Blue Shirt Charlie’s “Misty” is warm and lighthearted enough to portray the sense of someone coming out of the blue, making you feel you weren’t lost, but instead you were walking towards the right destination all along.

Blue Shirt Charlie is a three-piece outfit based in Nashville made up of Richie Sessions, Russ Chapman, and Lex Lipsitz. The trio has an undeniable chemistry; they know how to make heartfelt Alt-Country with their musicianship gathered, rich performances offered, infectious instrumentation, and poignant songwriting.

“Misty” is the band’s latest fruit, and you can taste in it every distinct ingredient that makes their discography blossom. Every element of the single, individually and collectively, has a peaceful, soothing effect that simulates the feeling of finding home after being lost for so long.

Delicate chords open the single, which are soon joined by melodic, intimate, and soulful vocals. The vocal line and the instruments harmonize very well, creating a serene soundscape. The guitars smoothly back up the theme with tender, lush melodies and the drumline is steady and straightforward, adding a vibrant touch yet not exaggerating to remain the soft, sentimental vibe.

The poetic lyrics draw quite a vivid picture and allow you as a listener to be there, adrift right in the middle of the road, feeling the drought, and suddenly you meet someone who feels the same, but with one another, it showers breezy rain.

“It’s worth getting lost to be found.” As the band said. Enjoy the cosy, good-feel vibe. This is indeed a good type of “Misty” atmosphere.