This month, the Greek Hard Rock band Mistful released a new album Who Leads The Way. The Members of the band are: Eva Fourlanou (Vocals), Michael Flourakis (Guitar), Michalis Aggelopoulos (Keyboards & backing vocals), Johnnie Kontos (Bass) and Chris Tastsidis (Drums). The album consists of 9 originals which are:

  1. Pray Another Day
  2. I just Want You to
  3. We Say Goodbye
  4. Why
  5. Rise Against Your Heart
  6. Awakened
  7. Love’s The Reason
  8. Lost Memories
  9. Who Leads The Way

The album, in general, is musically alluring. It is rich and full of different tastes, for example, it contains some symphonic riffs especially, in the intro of the tracks. The melodies of the guitars are attractive, powerful and strong, and the solos are vivid and dynamic. Some tracks carry some classic influences, especially in the last 4 tracks in the album the classic mood is very clear. ‘Love’s The Reason’ and ‘Who Leads The Way’ gave me the taste of Bon Jovi, Queen, and Europe but in a more modern melodic taste. The usage of keys are also good, however, it gave me a decisive expectation, to explain more: when I heard the intro of ‘We Say Goodbye’ the keys made me think that this will be more of a sorrowful emotional track but the rest of it was just more hateful, powerful and darkened. Some tracks carry the Greek Mediterranean taste in using some Acoustic/Classic tunes as Awakened, Why, Rise Against Your Heart and Lost Memories.

Although most of the track addresses the power, hatred, strength and resistance in the human, Mistful added some sorrowful and emotional mood especially in ‘Why’. ‘Why’ is one of my favorites in the album because of its musical atmosphere, and sweet weeping mood. It reflects the painful sound of tears. Concerning the vocals, I like the harmony between Eva Fourlanou and Michalis Aggelopoulos. Eva Fourlanou is known for her wild, harsh and sweet vocals. She’s also known to be the front-lady of the metal band Dimlight. She knows how she controls the music, how she delivers her active performance and how she portrays the picture of a strong, wild, Greek lady who has the ability to steal your ears and hearts.

Finally, I highly recommend this release for you, it is a nice vivid piece, with very good production and composition. It is a nice refreshment for your day. A definite rate of 9/10.

Edited by: NJ Bakr