Design by Mitch Clark, photo by Jeff van Helvoort

Inspired by legends like Paul Westerberg, Wilco and Constantines, as well as relative newcomers like Phoebe Bridgers and Ruston Kelly, the Hamilton, Ontario band Mister Rabbit has formed a sonic palette that is both familiar and refreshing. Their raw and honest songs are delivered by musicians who know what it feels like to be a version of themselves and want nothing to do with it anymore.

Their debut album, End of History Illusion, features the focus track “Subtle Tribute” which is a song about wanting to be wanted, and how important that simple fact can be to people’s self-worth. Frontman Jeff van Helvoort spent a lot of time throughout his teens and twenties trying to deal with unrequited love and he wrote this song while he was in search of that.

The title comes from one of the song lyrics which references “Hold My Life” by The Replacements, hence the “Subtle Tribute” to those much-admired songwriters.

These songs were inspired by the band’s desire to create, and try to compassionately tell others’ stories, while keeping a connection to themselves. They worked with legendary Toronto producer Jeff McMurrich (Constantines, Alvvays, Jennifer Castle), recording engineer Matt Snell (Dua Lipa, Banners), and mixer Peter Van Helvoort (bassist of The Glorious Sons and Jeff’s brother.)

Press via Auteur Research