Leeds-based punk rockers Mince are back with their 2nd hard-hitting single “Misprint”. Starting in 2021, they released “The Bedroom Demos” which led to them getting their first promotion deal with Hot Waxx and a production one with Sugarhouse that produced their 1st single “Ditch”. Building upon the success “Ditch” had, Mince decided to hit hard again with “Misprint”, so let me tell you what it sounds like. 

Mince opens “Misprint” with a big, raw, and most importantly BOLD sound! Their groovy organic riffs can easily send you off your seat headbanging, while their charismatic energy turns you into an instant fan. I loved Mince’s relentlessness, it maintained the song’s dynamic structure, as they kept swinging between highs and lows without losing their hooking sound. The vocal delivery was totally on point, sending lots of punk in-your-face attitude with playful melodic parts, making things even more interesting. The smooth conversation going on between those jazzy drumlines and the fuzzy guitar licks was insane, made me want to listen to maybe some improvisational, sludgy stuff by those guys!

“Misprint” is an energetic hurricane by Mince. Their punk roots are deep with a subtle will to twist and experiment with new stuff, which made this uniquely enjoyable. It shows their good writing skills, cemented by clear chemistry, creating a strongly coherent and extremely engaging tune. I will definitely be looking forward to more from Mince, Keep on rocking guys, cheers!