The Brazilian band, Mirrors Room, released on their social networks the premiere of “Live at Fox Studio” on their YouTube channel, a digital presentation containing all the singles released in 2021 and in their original order of release. The purpose of the presentation is not only to compile the recent very successful releases, but also to provide a chronological experience of the releases in a single material, in a dynamic and fun video and with great image and sound quality.

The highlights of the video are “Don’t Close the Door”, the band’s most successful and far-reaching release in 2021, with a very well received clip on Youtube and with many listeners on digital platforms; and “Another Way”, the band’s latest release and still recent, also very well received by the public.

The presentation has been very well received and praised. “Authentic, energetic and true”, “Different sound” and “Inspiring work” are some of the comments from those who watched the video. Due to the sound quality of the material and a performance that brought new details to the songs present in it, the band intends to release an EP of the digital presentation on all digital platforms.

Mirrors Room is an Alternative Rock band formed by Gustavo Amorim (Vocals/Guitar), Marlom Santos (Guitar), Victor Lima (Drums) and Rodolfo Prado (Bass). Its proposal is to present, through characters and common stories from real life, reflection and conflicts related to all extremes of the human mind and sensations, such as feelings, desires, relief, pain, even depression, anxiety and other pathologies.

Press via Collapse Agency


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