“Music, when combined with a pleasurable idea, is poetry…” Edgar Allan Poe. This is a nice quote to start with for this review and mainly used for the band describes their astonishing work. “Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros” is the upcoming 6th album by the veteran German progressive metal band, Tomorrow’s Eve.

The album is set to be released on May 25th via BazeRecords and includes 11 tracks which one have been released this month as an official music video promoting for the album. The good thing about Tomorrow’s Eve that there sound is a mix between the old progressive/power sound like Savatage,  Queensryche, and Dream  Theater. that we miss along with modern metal styles. Their experience and tightness is very obvious within their tunes as you can find the smoothness and the melodic catchy riffs.

Tomorrow’s Eve are Martin LeMar (Mekong Delta, Lalu) on vocals, Rainer Grund on guitars, Oliver Schwickert on keyboards, Mike LePond (Symphony X) on bass and John Macaluso (Yngwie Malmsteen, TNT, ARK, Labyrinth) and drums, and it’s pretty obvious now based on band members history how they are experienced in the music business and I could say this is kind of lack in the market these days with most of new bands.

Frankly, I like the whole album and cannot see a weakness point to mention really. For sure my favorite here is Bread and Circuses which released as a music video on March the 8th. The lyrics is amazing and riffs transitions are firm and unique really. What I really like here the difference they tried to add in each song. Sadly and recently, most of progressive acts they get so repetitive as you cannot find any difference in lines when you listen the first song or the final one in their record, but in “Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros” you won’t get either annoyed or distracted especially when some other bands try to makes the music so complicated these days! No, it’s easy to listen, to the point and marvelous, for example; there unique use of strings on the fifth track, “The System.” In additionThey executed the use of riffs perfectly in songs like “Terminal” and “Somnium Ex Machina.”

Finally, I could say that “Mirror Of Creation III – Project Ikaros” is one of the best concept albums that I have listened to recently. Their use of the master storyteller Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘Dream within a dream’ acting as the story’s center piece.