Photo credits: Matt Ball - Jason Bridges

English band Paytron Saint kicked off the year with a banger single “Mirror” released on the 20th of January.

Paytron Saint is a 4-piece alt. Rock band based in Amber Valley, United Kingdom. The band consists of brothers Nick and Joel Glyn-Davies on guitars and vocals, Dean Lloyd on bass, and Dan Brigstock on drums. They record their music in their own studio that’s under Dean’s garden which they call “The Chicken Coop”.

“Mirror” is an energetic garage rock song based around a catchy Middle Eastern sounding guitar riff backed by a groovy and melodic bass grounded by a dynamic drum line. In the verses the guitar plays fuzzy picking chords where Nick and Joel sing an energetic duet. As described by the band the song “outlines a conversation between 2 brothers”. With the conversational approach in mind the lyrics are about one brother encouraging the other to take a step back and reflect on themselves, instead of focusing on others or external factors. The song transitions into a long interlude half way through. In this interlude the guitars get wild with melodious riffs backed by a monstrous bass and drum line, taking the song to its conclusion. “Mirror” is a well-produced and composed song that guarantees you will love Paytron Saint. Don’t miss it.