Powerful vocals with bass spread throughout the atmosphere of funk and polished pop music transformed into ‘Mirror’, the latest release by Haseya, the artist from Wellington, New Zealand.

When it comes to mirrors, one thing that comes to your mind is beauty and what your external appearance looks like in general because that’s what your eyes see, in this song Haseya faces the mirror but not to see what he looks like on the outside, but to see what he looks like on the inside, and then he puts his hand on problems to fix them, Not with make-up, but with good deeds and the development of your mental health.

“Mirror” is an experience of self-discovery by confronting and changing yourself with all your flaws, getting to know more parts of yourself, and for Haseya it’s something special about giving up alcohol, becoming his song about personal development and the desire to reach out to be a good partner.

Haseya’s performance pulls you seamlessly into a rhythm full of sweet romance, and you find yourself engaging in the melody as you raise your hands and clap to the melody, then sing with your body dancing but without leaving your place and the fun overwhelming you.

Haseya has great energy and the ability to express very differently through his music and evidence is what happens in “Mirror”, his creativity is the result of intense experimentation with what he wants to present to become even better, so don’t miss what this beautiful artist comes up with.