From Albuquerque, USA comes the latest single from Blind Man’s Daughter…” Mirage Harmer”…and it’s a hard rock, hitting some areas of the nu metal territory…a hard-hitting, head-banging story with all band members hitting soaring musical heights.

Blind Man’s Daughter was a passion project for Ashley Wolfe, the founding band member…she moved around the USA for almost 10 years of her life…settling in Albuquerque…and that’s where and when Blind Man’s Daughter really came to life.

“Mirage Harmer” came after the band’s successful 2022 album Sundressed…

This latest release is…many things…first of all it sounds good…

…it also sounds pretty heavy, for all the heavy music audiences out there…get pumped, it’s rockin’…

“Mirage Harmer” seamlessly blends a couple of heavy rock moods into itself, making it an enjoyable and chameleon-like experience…you’ll get to experience several elements from multiple subgenres of the heavy universe.

The song starts out with a very catchy and unique synth intro from a different universe…only to be cut by the soaring vocals, hard-hitting drums and the huge wall of sound made of guitar riffs…

It has a djent-like feeling to it…rhythmically, while the music is more into a technical sounding complex melodic story…it’s a very fresh melody with unexpected twists and turns.

During the whole runtime of “Mirage Harmer”, it feels like Blind Man’s Daughter has always been going 110% power…they all soar from start to finish…the levels of energy that these people have is absolutely unreal.

Blind Man’s Daughter…you’re awesome and we wish you all the best in life.

Can’t wait to hear what you have next for us!


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