Mixing her influences with her deep authentic writing, Scottish singer/songwriter Natalie Clark dropped her latest single Miracle on December 1st, 2023. Collaborating with Producer Todd Spadafore, Clark managed to create a powerful ballad with a hard sound. Let me tell you more about it. 

Natalie Clark opened Miracle with a deep bass-ey beat and her warm soothing vocals, promising a heartwarming ballad with powerful heart-hitting lyrics that sent shivers off my back right from the intro. Miracle moves forward with a slow building-up pace that allows the listener to fully digest and connect with Clark’s lyrics and her dreamy vocals as she leads us through the song’s smooth progression, softly pushing towards a bigger sound while keeping her dreamy, uplifting sound alive by the support of subtle atmospheric beats and melodies that set the perfect mood for her escalating flow and haunting voice.

Miracle is a beautiful tune with solid sound shifts and big catchy progressions that show Natalie Clark‘s well-knowledge of her direction and top-notch sense of melody, as she managed to put together such a touching emotional tune without compromising the dynamics that keep the listeners hooked and entertained. Looking forward to more from Natalie Clark, keep on rocking. Cheers!