The Brighton-based Hybrid Kid think they nailed it with Miracle. Let’s find out more about it.

The Garage Rock trio of gentlemen that goes by the moniker Hybrid Kid are exploring uncharted territory with Miracle. For a band which have received reasonable acclaim from their peers and critics for their Garage Rock sound, their decision to go acoustic on this one is a bold move, and it is outstanding.

The acoustic guitar work alone on Miracle is enough to show exactly why Hybrid Kid are admired within their spheres. The precision, the feel, and the warmth shown are things that are not standard for acoustic guitar performances, a fussy instrument to record, the acoustic takes years of practice to sound this fluid and beautiful. Couple the acoustic with the hasty drum shuffle, and the dynamic, elegant bass line, that plays melodically, while controlling the entire pace of the music, and the result is a professional musical tapestry of passion and talent. The group vocals are remarkable and efficient, sounding quite vintage, they evoked the iconic sound of the band America in my mind.

Miracle is a delightful piece of music, with calculated performances and rich musicianship from a band of dedicated artists.