Samuel Tan

Australian rocking trio Ghost Note City are back with their new hard-hitting, extremely melodic single Miracle. The power trio are unleashing some catchy arrangements and earworm-ic melodies that are going to turn you into a fan right away! Let me tell you more about it

With pounding drums and full-of-anticipation guitars, Ghost Note City opens Miracle, before exploding into a big headbanging sound with a subtle melody preparing for the verse. Things get more atmospheric in verse with Ghost Note City maintaining their heavy sound and powerful groove. The catchy chorus builds up on the verse’s melodic approach, as we move with a solid fluid structure that smoothly carries us through Miracle’s dynamic energetic sections. Ghost Note City maintained the perfect balance between highly melodic guitar lines and thick headbanging riffs that can immediately throw you off your seat, all leading into a well-deserved heavy-weight outro that made me keep playing Miracle over and over again. 

Miracle shows Ghost Note City’s unique way of dealing with their sound, they cleverly steer between emotional sound and heavy aggressiveness in total harmony, blending their influences within their desired sound and direction. It shows that they are 100% focused and know where they want to go really well. Looking forward to more from Ghost Note City, cheers!