Hailing from Pescara, Italy, Decadent Heroes is a solo instrumental rock project that has just dropped his newest single, ‘Minutes Away.’ Let’s delve into the details!

This vintage overdriven tone is truly remarkable! It captivates my ears and enchants my heart with its instrumental allure. Decadent Heroes draws inspiration from renowned artists like Joe Satriani, Gary Moore, and Santana, a fact that shines through in the music. The meticulously crafted melodies and skilled performances are bound to win you over. With piano chords setting the mood, a catchy guitar intro that hooks you in, and soulful soloing that invites you to close your eyes and savor the beauty. As the artist himself expresses, “Minutes Away was penned on a chilly, rainy day with the intention of taking a nostalgic journey through memories. There are moments when distant memories suddenly feel so near, almost as if they were just minutes away…”

While I appreciate songs with meaningful lyrics, finding quality lyrics can be a challenge nowadays. However, instrumental music remains my top preference. The simplicity yet uniqueness of “Minutes Away” is what makes it beautiful. I believe Decadent Heroes has the potential to become one of the instrumental rock stars in the future. Cheers to that exciting possibility!