Photography by Jeremy Varner

Instrumental guitarist Alec Berlin is back again with a new alt rock single “Minir Maad” released on the 15th of December from Brooklyn, New York.

I’ve recently talked about Alec Berlin in a review you can read here, but while “Patchen Avenue” was like a trip through town, Alec Berlin’s latest release “Minir Maad” is like a trek in an open desert at sundown.

Alec Berlin’s newest flamenco-inspired instrumental guitar-driven rock single continues on his artistic vision of songs without words, and is another push in a new direction for his unique discography.

The flamenco inspiration can be heard largely in the chord progression known as the Andalusian cadence, which substitutes one of the minor notes in the scale with its major counterpart in the last chord of the progression in a technique referred to as modulation. This gives the song its exotic and rich melodic flavour. 

While the Andalusian cadence is not exclusive to the flamenco music from which it originated, and has been adapted to many other genres, I believe Alec Berlin’s extensive experience as a guitarist for over two decades is what allows him to blend elements from different genres so effortlessly and expertly.

Alec Berlin’s discography keeps growing with new releases such as this one, and we can expect a sandstorm of new innovative ideas being experimented with in his unique instrumental-song music.