Adam Dean

After you hear certain songs, they leave you speechless. Especially when it has it all; speaking through you or conveying the reality you’re living in; a stellar sound; appealing vocals; and a top-notch production. Rival Karma’s work is able to make you feel what this feels like. Their latest single, “Minds of the Many,” is what made me realize that their music gets you hooked.

Rival Karma is a London-based duo that creates solid Alt-Rock that will leave you breathless. I didn’t need to listen to more than one song to know that these guys know what they’re doing and are on their way to dominating the Rock charts.

In “Minds of the Many,” each element expresses what the single is delivering. Grooves, lyrics, vocals, instrumentation, and composition, it’s all speaking loudly, heavily, and freely to send a bold message. It portrays the way we’re living now, with an emphasis on the current and recent political situation.

 The lyrics brilliantly describe how most humans act, cope, and feel these days, and they draw an accurate picture of how the world is driven. Right from the first verse, a line like: “This effect of mass confusion has got us all in a haze, but there’s a storm on the rise,” is extremely realistic and relatable. Fixating how money is becoming a God that people would kill for it, in a line like: “But for a piece of the pie, we all relinquish our soul,” is also realistic and depicts well the priority of money in such a material world. The vocals are raspy, melodic, and rock on their own, aligning with the edgy rhythm.

The sound is heavy as the facts in the song and organic as their sincerity. It’s one of the main reasons that gets you addicted to the song and entices you to listen to the band’s other songs. The instruments blend together and carry the single’s atmosphere. The guitar and drum work are magnificent throughout the track, and the Rock and Blues composition makes you feel the grooves in your bones. And the real standout was hard to pick among the prime elements, but it’s definitely the solo part that embodies the sentiments that have been there throughout the single with mind-blowing playing. It’s more likely that if you repeat the singles ten times, you’ll repeat this instrumental part twenty times.

If you find it hard to describe the mess we’re living in, Rival Karma has taken care of that, and you just have to listen, vibe in, and say “I know, right?”