It’s remarkable how technology reshaped everything and how it all peaked those last 2 years with the lack/minimal human interaction due to the pandemic. Slay positive is a full band that is led by the bassist and vocalist Bill Batty and androids as his band mates that he constructed himself in his secret lair at Mt. Rushmore is located inside Abraham Lincoln’s left nostril, with a sound that is indistinguishable from humans. The band doesn’t play guitars, they create the sound using bass, drums, synth, and keyboard. Batty uses a dual amp setup with the bass to create the classic low-range bass tone and a screeching, distorted mid-range one. They are influenced by the likes of Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, Royal Blood, Beastie Boys, Death from Above, and Beck.

‘Mind Control’ is his latest single release, which was recorded and produced by Christian Robert in his basement, who is a certified gamer and Batty’s childhood friend. The song’s main bass tone was inspired by a crazy game called ‘Manhunt 2’ that the artist used to play on his PlayStation 2. The vocal line is robotic-like with a bizarre style, and the sound of distortion and loud drums is ongoing in the background throughout the song. Stay tuned for the artist’s upcoming release “Sports Riot” and keep an eye on his Instagram account for a release date.