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Simon CHENET is a guitarist, composer, and producer with an impeccable reputation and a remarkable success streak in his genre and musical territory. The French musician excels in several genres and unique musical styles like jazz, swing, Afro-Latin, and surf-rock, along with an unusual Musette dance which was common in the French court that is simply a variation of simpler, faster, and more sensual dance steps. The artist has a strong social presence of over 7K followers on Instagram and over 500 monthly listeners on Spotify. 

Earlier this year, CHENET released his latest album “Le Jour des Vermeilles”; a 9-song album that has a double reference to Louis Aragon’s poetry and the cartoon “Les Vermeilles” by Camille Jourdy. The artist found it the best depiction of his current life and his surroundings and saw it “as his way of telling himself instrumentally, to devote himself while remaining modest.” The album has barely any electronic music interference but mostly, remarkably skilled musicians like Alejandro Falcon on piano, Koto Brawa on percussion, Xavier Hamon on drums, Etienne Chenet on bass, and of course, Simon Chenet as a composer and guitarist.

“Mimile et Toctoc” is the third song on the album; an instrumental track with lots of chill-out jazzy tunes and enchanting lines of melodies, a composition inspired by a long jam played in a bar. It’s a tribute to both of his uncles “Mimile” and “Toctoc” who were very close brothers; Mimile is a Musette singer who occasionally plays with Simon, and the late TocToc was a Parisian anarchist.