Odd Army’s lead single off of their upcoming debut studio album is a driving piece of swampy psychedelia that’s ripe with a menacing charisma that makes it sound dangerous and very, very, enjoyable.

Based in Los Angeles, Odd Army is a four-piece outfit of childhood friends who have been jamming it out together since their boyhood. And it shows. ‘Mighty Fine’ is incredibly tight. Their debut single has got a litany of sounds going on. A few sections seemed to have come and gone before the song finally settled into a shape that I could jam to… or at least I thought that’s what happened.

‘Mighty Fine’ has such a full arrangement that it came in and took me by absolute surprise. The band leads with the song’s meaty guitar riff, scratchy and rhythmic, before the introduction of the beastly bass part, played by Cameron Kao. The masterful bass performance from Kao elevates this song (just listen to his blistering runs that he drops all over the song) and doubled with the heartful but solidly tight drumming of Mitchell Wright, you end up with a rhythm section that is built to absolutely impress. The tasteful overdriven guitar tones give the riffs a psychedelic rock goodness that provoked my inner Tom Morello.

It is truly rare to listen to a debut single that displays the band’s character as clearly or as confidently as ‘Mighty Fine’ does. Beautifully written and wonderfully executed, ‘Mighty Fine’ is unforgettable, and that laid-back middle eight, when the groove eases, is genuinely mighty fine.