Frank Rocco Photography

Country rock troubadour Jeff Lake stuns with his debut single ‘Midnight Sun’, a soulful affair of alt-country that’s rocking, exciting, and memorable. 

Based in New York, Jeff Lake’s sound is tight and deliciously retro. On his debut single, we find Jeff and a whole choir behind them bringing us some rich country rock, full of singing fiddles and traditional rhymes. Sung in the flamboyant style of Robert Plant, but with the loaded, melancholic lyrics that provoke Jim Morrison’s dark atmospheres. As a whole, Midnight sounds bright and full of hope, and without being aware of the lyrics’ realistic direction, one can mistake this song’s arrangement’s merriment for a song to celebrate a new day’s sunshine with, but no… this is a song that can be used to celebrate more profound occurrences.

Jeff Lake’s ‘Midnight Sun’ is warm and punchy, musically and lyrically. Jeff sounds amazing, the grooves are tight and solid, the backing choir adds delicious depth, and the song’s production sounds crisp and invigorating. There’s nothing more we can wish for.