Upon skimming through his tracks, I thought to myself; man, that sounds very familiar. Once I put some research into it, I figured he’s behind some of the Criss Angel as well as WWE music. Apart from the work for those two, he has released some other tracks, which are not too bad to listen to.

The Riffs of Speeding Like a Fiend are pretty catchy, though I personally am not too keen on the vocals, it is a cool tune overall, reminiscent of Whitesnake (but with Coverdale consuming too many illegals in combination with having a cold)


Alright has cleaner vocals, which are more pleasant to listen to. This one was my personal favorite, as the vocals in combination with cool instrumental segments have that rock ’n roll spirit very well captured. Great song, just grab your leather jacket and aviators, and you’ll feel like a badass for 3 minutes – we guarantee that.

The songs produced by collaboration between Criss Angel and Mick James will immediately evoke pictures of Criss Angel performing weird rituals with creepy (mysterious?) gestures, which is great – as the music makes you feel/see something the minute it starts playing. It’s very fit for the show and also nice to listen to.

Overall, we think this dude is pretty talented and has some cool stuff going on that you definitely should check out!


Jamie Tufo


You can also find Mick James at: 



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