Fake Figures are back with their latest single “Miasmatic”…an absolutely explosive alt-rock experience from all aspects…

Orange County, USA-based Fake Figures gives the world a lot of rock/metal/al-rock energy, they are all about energy, whether in the soaring vocals, hard-hitting drums, tough-as-nails bass lines or huge guitar riffs that create a wall of sound…with every little piece of detail, there is an explosive element to “Miasmatic”.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of the latest single…let’s get to know the awesome people of Fake Figures…

Travis Miguel on guitar (Atreyu)

on Vocals Steve Ludwig (Nation’s Afire)

bassist Bob Bradley (Scars of Tomorrow)

guitarist Geoff Harman (Scars of Tomorrow & Cold War)

drummer Matt Horwitz (Adamantium)

“Miasmatic” is part of their upcoming EP “From Within”, to be released on Friday, September 28th… which they actually were working with producer Kris Comeaux (Assuming We Survive) and with mastering engineer Mike Kalajian (Periphery, Senses Fail)…

…the least that can be said here about this army of a line-up is its star-studded…

…that is surely one of the reasons why “Miasmatic” sounds and feels grand like this…there is an army behind it.

The song starts with an almost instant plunge into a heavy riffing world…

…no time to breath here…you gotta power through the intro to get to the gritty yet smooth vocals…and one thing that has to be said about the vocals is that its evolving and adaptive…one verse is smooth, another verse is soaring, gritty and full of texture…and that is something that can be said on each and every instrument too.

The whole band’s dynamics move together, with being less or more aggressive adaptively…the guitars feel alive and their bite is more pronounced in certain areas of the song, same for the bass and drums…

“Miasmatic” is a heaviness, darkness with a light at the end of the tunnel…technically, sonically and melodically impressive on every aspect…this is a highly recommended experience not just for heavy music lovers…but for any fan of excellent music and anyone looking for an energy trip…

Fake Figures’ discography is one of the best out there and we urge everyone to check out their complete works, heavy, charismatic with a unique blend of melody and power.

Wishing all the best to the awesome people of Fake Figures…they deserve the absolute best.

Can’t wait to experience their upcoming EP “From Within” coming out on the 28th of September.


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