Hungarian metal is one of my favorite foreign music scenes, when I was young I had the chance to know about some old-school bands like Omen, Tormentor, Sear Bliss, and Pokolgép. In my opinion, I believe that their extreme metal flavor is one of the best in Europe! Today, I am not gonna show you just another new album in our metal world, I am gonna present a grove metal masterpiece, Omega Diatribe‘s latest album, METANOIA.

It’s pretty obvious the originality that pours with every riff in this album. I loved the ten-track sequence of the album, and I loved each track and how it proved diversity and professionalism, as well. You can find in each track their impressive grovy energy but my favorite is the killer rhythmic riffs indeed. The album has been released last September via Metal Scrap Records. When you check more info about the record then you will realize their epic sounds were mastered by the hands of the iconic Swedish producer Jens Bogren at mastered at Fascination Street Studios, who is also known for his great works with legendary bands like Sepultura, Arch Enemy, Katatonia, Dimmu Borgir, among others.


Although I loved the rhythm and how it’s so tight with drums and bass, and the vocals, of course, I cannot deny what really caught my ears in this whole album is the lead guitar, I loved the eastern harmonic scales that have been used in several tracks. I can see that Gergő Hájer (lead guitar and composer) did a great merge between the western and eastern metal elements indeed. Finally, the beauty of this album isn’t only songwriting and members’ professionalism, actually, their diversity, check it out, and don’t miss checking their final track ‘Long’ which really reminded me of the iconic progressive metaller, Savatage! Well done, guys! Definitely, I will rate Metanoia 10 out of 10!

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