Metallica‘s ‘Through the Never’ is a must watch for pretty much everyone who enjoys good music and a great storyline.

The movie, which was released in September 2013, is not just your average concert movie – it’s a captivating experience that will tickle your senses and definitely your ear buds. The production of the movie is a major factor contributing to its greatness, as the inventive music and narrative intertwine. It’s a journey through some of Metallica’s greatest moments, with some unexpected twists and turns that are bound to keep you hooked.

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The movie starts off with the preparations for a state of the art Metallica concert. The first half of the movie mainly revolves around that concert, Metallica’s performance and the crowd’s enthusiasm. Classics are played, including Creeping Death, For Whom the Bell Tolls, One, and The Memory Remains, among various other great tracks. The main focus is on the band and the band members. Die hard Metallica fans, or the lucky ones who’ve attended their live performances will be able to relate to their shows and feel that familiar rush of adrenaline they felt during Metallica’s live performance. There are some strong references to Metallica’s musical history, including a giant personification of justice that falls apart – representing, you guessed it; …And Justice for All.

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The second half of the film shows a twisted and somewhat bizarre narrative about Trip. Trip was introduced briefly at the beginning of the movie as a heavy metal fan and a roadie who was helping out at the show. He was sent out on a mission to provide a tour truck with some gasoline and get an object the band needed for the show. He swallows a ‘pill’ before heading out to pursue his mission, and that’s when all the crazy things start happening. He gets hit by a truck and finds himself in the middle of a city riot. Various incidents start happening, and this is where the movie goes from great to grand. The music Metallica’s playing at the arena loops in so well with Trip’s encounters; they feed in to make the whole ‘hold your breath, what’s going to happen next?’ feeling so much more intense. The costumes of the rioters, the aggression in the air, the way they chase Trip around the city, all go full scale as they’re accompanied by Metallica’s music.

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The producers’ creativity lies in the fact that lyrically the music does not directly relate to Trip’s narrative, but the incidents somehow bridge over and connect. You can draw lines between imaginary dots just observing the street rioting and the crowd’s moshpit at the concert. That atmosphere is really what makes the movie such an enjoyable experience.
Through the Never is a movie that gives you a chance to listen to some really great tracks and enjoy a bizarre yet suspense-packed storyline. The concept of the movie is something new and inventive that beats a regular concert movie or documentary any day, all the better to watch in 3D!

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