Jim Louvau

The Phoenix based power trio Jane N’ The Jungle are back with their heavy riffs and energetic sound on their new single “Metal Ghost” that’ll be out on the 19th of August, 2022.

“Metal Ghost” was written right after Joey Jordison’s death was announced and it’s about following your heart and not being afraid of getting lost and that’s my friends, is one of the reasons why I love heavy metal. Jane N’ The Jungle brings all their hard and heavy influences and mixes them together creating their own sound right from the heavy distorted intro. It has a smooth flow as we go from one part to the next with constant melodic heaviness and powerful vocals. The bridge’s dynamics acted as a launching pad for the rocking groovy chorus that comes next which was pretty energetic and engaging. The interlude that starts around minute 2:00 added a heavy emotional layer with vocalist Jordan White’s singing “…I’m tired of counting all of my loses, coz I’m lost without you” totally felt that and loved how it shifted into the heavy chorus that led to the outro. 

“Metal Ghost” is a hard and heavy yet approachable tune. It has a mix of influences from heavy metal to alternative and grunge giving it a flavour that I believe would appeal to a wide range of audience. The riffs are solid and heavy with a remarkable groove and powerful vocal delivery, totally recommended. Cheers!

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