No, no, nooooo!! Just when I thought I got over my Zombie Apocalypse nightmares! Now my biggest fear has come true! Well almost!

Thank God Metaholic’s here to save the day with their mad guitar skills! As much as I wished they didn’t use that specific theme, the band has given it a justified soundtrack; though I wish the lyrics were clearer. What lightened the video a bit, was the Bahraini zombie guy. I mean you gotta admit, he looked more like a sleepy old guy with a bad sun burn, or just had a bad attempt in baking. And good to know you can kill zombies with metal, but I feel bad for the guitars – I mean couldn’t they use anything else?!

What I also liked in the video was the ending metaphor explanation. Of how people reflect their own alter egos in the shape of creatures we find in fairytales and horror stories. Methods, in which people have used to unleash their inner demons since the dawn of time, see for yourself in this link!


Edited by: NJ Bakr