Electronic Indie duo act Bromsen released new single Merryman from Berlin, Germany on the 14th of October.

Merryman is an indie-rock-synthwave fusion song about allowing oneself to be happy in spite of the cynical state of today’s world. 

Watch ‘Merryman‘ music video here.

The song fuses elements from synthwave and the 80s, such as Moog synths, pulsating bass lines, and digital gated drums, with indie rock driven guitars that complement each other quite well.

From the start of the track, Merryman already sounds like a party with its bass line driving the motion of the rhythm, contrasting the arpeggiator that lays a swirling melody on top.

The song has a diverse dynamic range when compared to other electronic productions, with highs and lows between different sections alternating the level of energy and momentum, yet the mix remains cohesive and well-glued together. The track is an overall solid production with different elements coming in and going out naturally without disturbing the general flow.

The music video for Merryman is a lot of fun as well, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s refreshing to see an expression of the simple, goofy joys of life light-heartedly presented in Merryman.

 This song is definitely on your Christmas playlist.