Adam Schneberg

Rising artist Sean Kennedy teases his upcoming album “Forever Us” with an emotional and uplifting single “Memory” that is set to be released on the 10th of February.

Sean Kennedy is an American multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter and producer with 200k listens on Spotify. Since he was 10 years old, he developed a passion for music and learned how to play guitar, piano, and produce music. He began his musical career in 2019 with his debut album titled ‘Tell Me’ that he wrote, produced and recorded alone. Since then Sean has been working on his music releasing 3 albums with his fourth coming late spring 2023.

“Memory” is a pop rock song that’s “Written from a first-person perspective where I ask my partner to focus on the positives of our relationship, even if it doesn’t last” said Sean. The song opens with acoustic guitar backed by an upbeat drum side stick groove and ambient strings that give a sweet mellow atmosphere paving the way for Sean to sing in his warm and flawless voice. Until we reach the chorus the song progresses into a new emotional and striking soundscape powered by overdrive guitars and hard hitting drums. The most distinctive thing about Sean’s songs is that they are written from his own experiences, which embeds a piece of him into each song creating a unique bond between the listener and him. Don’t miss out on the chance of connecting with such a talented and passionate artist and check out “Memory” on February 10th.