Singer/songwriter Clay Joule is back with his positive attitude and joyful melodies on his latest single “Memories”, a song he describes as “a song about being thankful for what you have, but it also has a wistful quality” where he uses his top-notch guitar skills to create dreamy colorful melodies that speak louder than words.

Clay Joule opens “Memories” with some melodic bluesy guitars that set the song’s mood right from the beginning, the warm arpeggios and groovy bass and percussions take the lead in the 1st verse before another melodic guitar layer is introduced, and those guitar melodies act as the core of the song’s structure and control its progression right till the end. 

“Memories” is a mellow chill tune that shows Clay Joule’s sense of melody and high guitar skills, its fluid melodies and their escalating progression in a solid stream helped create a warm bright sound that perfectly matched the mood. Looking forward to more from Clay Joule, cheers!