Staffan Eriksson

Recently, we’ve reviewed an interesting EP by the Swedish band Velvet Insane titled ‘Breakout of Eden’, and we absolutely loved it – check it out here. The band started in 2013 and has been restless even since. They had a successful tour in Australia, are still on tour while hunting for a record label to put out their first full-length album. We’ve had a chance to sit and interview the band.

What’s the story behind your name?

The story ain’t that great actually and hasn’t so much depth into it. I was walking around at my job at a metal factory, dreaming of putting together this band that would be bigger than life. And I just came up with these two words, that don’t really fit together. But they sounded cool to me.

Why did you guys choose this specific genre?
I don’t think we picked this specific genre like that, we play what we play and this sound seemed to work out.

It’s said you’re influenced by David Bowie and Def Leppard. Do you cover their songs on stage?
No, we haven’t made a cover for any of those two yet. We love old blues, 60’s pop and garage rock. We love jazz, and folk music, we have so many influences and we haven’t done any cover. If we do, it will be a raw, punky version of an old blues song or something like that.


Who is the musician/band that made you fully realize you want to be a musician yourself?
My first wow experience was when I was ten and heard KISS on an old cassette. Before that it was Elvis, Dr Hook, Janis Joplin and all the music that my parents played. What made me want to be a musician and made me prepare to work my ass off to make it come true is a combination between Mick Ronson in David Bowie and a manager called Michael Sundén, those two have made the biggest impact on me.

How did you guys find each other to form this band?
Me and Tobie -the drummer- went to the same school so I knew him a little, he was the best drummer at the school.

I met Jonas –Vocals- the first time by accident, I was going to play with an old mate of his and that friend brought him along, and we just hit it of right away. We liked the same music, and then I met Niklas –bassist- the first time at our first show, that was 2 weeks after I met Jonas.

What is the country/city you enjoyed performing in the most?
My favorites are Tokyo and Madrid. Amazing crowds and people.

Who would you like to share the stage with? Locally and internationally.
It doesn’t matter that much. All we want to do is to play our music to as much people as possible, so it doesn’t matter if its Black Sabbath or Justin Bieber, we just want to play and kick ass.


What’s the inspiration behind your lyrics?
Mostly love, because that’s the meaning of life, to find the right person to spend your life with.

What are the obstacles you’ve faced as a band?
A lot actually. Everything from promoters that try to fuck us over to members going away, to death and all kinds of shit, but we stand strong and we will never give up.

Best and Worst thing about touring?
The best thing is the time on stage. That’s why we tour, meet all our fantastic fans. It’s magical!
The worst thing? Maybe the lack of sleep, you don’t sleep more than a few hours, if you’re lucky, sometimes you don’t sleep at all. But that’s a part of the charm.

Any news regarding the label hunt and the release of the first length album? What do fans expect the album to sound like?
We are working on the songs from the album right now. I won’t reveal much, I love to have secrets, but the fans won’t be disappointed.

Is it more fun in the studio or on stage?
They both are fun in their own way. I love the studio, to be creative and be an artist, but I also love to run around on stage and make loud rock’ n’ roll music.

Any Advice for new upcoming bands?
We are a young and an upcoming band ourselves so it’s hard to say, but a good lesson is “Don’t give up no matter, what shit life is throwing at you”.

Edited by: NJ Bakr