Few weeks ago, Brazilian Heavy Metal group Medjay released a new music video entitled “Sandstorm”. The track is dedicated to The Egyptian 25th Revolution that occurred in 2011.

The Music video started with the band standing in a chaotic place that could be equivalent to the Tahrir Square, the main setting of the Egyptian Revolution back in 2011, with voices in the background calling for freedom.

It has been beautifully carved from the rhythm of the revolutionary calls and slogans. In addition, the melodic pattern of the track somehow influenced the new waves of Heavy Metal music with Oriental Contemporary once, so you can catch a sense of progressive “Orphaned Land” taste.


There is a beautiful Egyptian musical part which is used in native folk celebrations followed with a certain dance by the vocalist which is in my point of view could be simply discarded, I mean the dance but the musical part was beautifully performed and scripted in the music.

The track musically is really beautiful and energetic, but I would prefer that the band could make use of real scenes from the Revolution to give the Brazilian fans more description about what happened back then.

Personally, I believe that the band used the Egyptian revolution as an archetypal model to refer to the sense of unstable Political case in Brazil nowadays, especially there are more political tendencies in The Brazilian Metal Scene, currently. I can give the track itself 8/10 while the music video 7/10.