In September, the re-branded name of Enraged, Medjai will release its first EP. The awaited EP is entitled Tyranny and it has 5 tracks:

  • Sons of the Silver Screen
  • Machines
  • In our Image
  • Human Enough
  • Chasing Smoke

Wael Osama the founder, vocalist, and guitarist has given us the chance to listen exclusively to EP. And oh, boy. We got out hands on a piece of gem.

Let’s go on together to explore their music together. With the first track: ‘Sons of the Silver Screen’, do you know what’s the concept of the Silver Screen? It simply means the TV. The music is energetic and captivating; there is a big influence of old school. I somehow felt that the Bass lines are influenced by Jazz music, so there is a nice musical combination. Of course, when I say Enraged, it comes to my mind as the vocals of Wael Osama and Rasha. They both did a very good job on the track. ‘Machines’ the second track is a bit shorter, but somehow aggressive. Yet, Medjai kept the same mood and atmosphere.

‘In Our Image’ the third track of Medjai, it started with sounds of “Get Ready”, “Get Started”, as the early signs of a fight. It is also a heavy fast track, it talks about the mixed contradictory concepts of Media and what we see on the daily talk shows. The riffs were angry, as well as the vocals which were also very harsh and high. Coming towards the middle of the track, you could hear parts from talk shows and spoken parts, which was an impressive addition to the music. The vocals are somehow close to demonstrations of refusal to the false and fake images in Media devices.

After that, comes ‘Human Enough’. When I read the title, I thought that it will somehow be emotional, but the title is heavy with irony. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the heaviest and fastest and most aggressive track on the EP. High screams, whispers, and high pitched vocals. ‘Chasing Smoke’ is our last station in Medjai‘s release. This one is high in emotions, it talks about the human condition with real deep sense. Rasha performs a very sweet sorrowful tone in a gloomy emotional mood. It made me shiver and really touched me deeply. I guess it’s my favourite throughout the EP. A beautiful ending for this mad powerful EP.

To sum up, in my point of view, I believe that Medjai‘s EP is one of the best releases in the Egyptian Metal Scene and the best in 2017.

You will listen to rich musical combination with good quality. The harmony between the instruments is very good, GOOD JOB GUYS. I was amazed by the harmony between vocals and how there was a variety in vocals, actually, it is better than the old releases. My only criticism is in Wael’s low pitches, I believe his high pitches are better than low ones, as his vocals need high and wide space to be spread. I recall that Jahr was rated with a 9 – which you can read here – but actually, Tyranny deserves, in my opinion, a 9.7.

So please be ready for the upcoming storm and stay tuned for our interview with Medjai members to know more about the last moments in Enraged and the first ones in Medjai and what’s next.

The album will be out in a few days so you keep your eyes – and ears – out for it.

Take a sneak peek to their Ep here.

Edited by: NJ Bakr.


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