I never thought I’d be into the dark music scene, but I guess Paul Dillon, the young talented musician behind the pMad project, is working on drawing me in, or at least he’ll be the exception. “Medicine” is a doctor’s prescription for a better vision, which contains a mix of gothic rock, alternative rock, hunting vocals, and an inspiring message. Through simple lyrical lines, he opens the blinded eyes to the darkness in the world and asks central questions that sticks in mind for a while, like: “What takes your breath away?” and wipes the somber atmosphere with rays of hope lighten the way. To make the lyrics run through your veins, he combined captivating, dramatic rhythms that are blended between the glorious past of post-punk in the 80’s, the present, and the future he’s drawing by himself with his own sound, which gives you cinematic vibes, as if you’re watching another apocalyptic themed movie with a killer background single. But there’s no need to wait for the movie; the music video is well-directed to visualise the message wrapped into the lyrics, vocals, and melodies.

Even if you lost faith in everything, you need to have faith in yourself. Hearing “Medicine” is what we need.


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