Indie pop rock group nxtime released a new colourful R&B rock single titled “Medicine” on the 24th of February, from New York City, United States.

nxtime is a NYC-based band that was founded in 2019, comprising of singer songwriter Ray Rubio, guitarist Nate Christensen, and drummer Imhotep Williams with the help of the renowned music producer Mike Rogers. 


In the last two years, the group has garnered a remarkable listener base, with thirteen previous songs that managed to attract a large number of streams that exceeded two million on Spotify. “Medicine” marks the group’s fourteenth release and continues to deliver on nxtime’s colourful, soulful, and upbeat sound.

“Medicine” by nxtime mixes electronic and acoustic sounds, starting off on a catchy and bubbly synth melody, followed by an attention grabbing intro made up of Ray Rubio’s singing and a four on the floor drum pattern, which later introduces the acoustic guitar for a brief refrain before the first drop of the song.

The song continues gradually building up momentum, with a dynamic that continuously shifts, ebbs, and flows to keep the song exciting, and by the time I heard the sweet harmonies in the first chorus, I knew that “Medicine” is a song I won’t be getting out of my head anytime soon.