Autorub’s latest single is a nugget made of primitive, chugged riffs, bare-knuckled beats, and some beefy bass, backed by deceptively sophisticated-sounding vocals. An immediately grabbing listen that shook the 90s kid in me from a long slumber.

Based in Long Island, New York, Autorub is an outfit whose delicious, organic sound is refreshing, to put it mildly. Led by frontman and multi-instrumentalist Michael Corn, the group’s latest cut is called ‘Meatball’, and is a short rock marvel. Perhaps most notable would be the pure tastiness of the production. For such a limited arrangement, the mix is massive and extremely healthy. With a drum part, bass and guitar riffs, a main vocal part, and a few harmonies on the chorus and bridge, this single is tight, both in sound and in execution.

Boasting some terrific songwriting that features a twisty riff that bends time and space, but never for one bar loses pizzazz, a dynamic drum part that heaves with the song sections, and some solid performances across the board, the main vocal part, delivered by Corn, remained the song’s most entertaining delivery throughout. With its excess in weight and drama, the contrast it created against the sleazy, gritty riffs and words was a pleasure to behold.

Melodic, rhythmic, smart, fun, and just easy to fall for, ‘Meatball’ is a song that -if made for one sole purpose, it would be to showcase Autorub as a band capable of some ingenious twists and turns, with their riffs, production, and artistic vision. They also seem able to have some bit of fun, and ‘Meatball’ is their way of showing just that.