I just came across an eclectic and a one-of-a-kind band, “Enrose,” and if I’m being frank, their sound is like nothing I’ve ever heard. Why ‘eclectic?’ because of their wide range of elements from different genres, all fused to produce one coherent and exotic sound. 

The band released their debut single: “Comatose” in 2021 followed by an EP in 2022 and still going strong. Although they’ve been on the scene for two years, they managed to create an enormous buzz and capture the listener’s attention across the US. They have over 5K subscribers on YouTube, almost 300K followers on TikTok, and about 19K monthly listeners on Spotify. The band leader and founder: “Gabi Rose” gives the band a unique vibe with her remarkable vocals and impeccable saxophone performances. She posts short videos/reels playing guitar riffs on saxophone and song covers on different social platforms. 

Enrose just released their latest single: “Me & You,” the song is a fusion of Jazz, a hint of R&B, a dash of rock, and an overall pop mood. The song comes in strong with a dramatic, exotic feel that reminded me of Amy Winehouse’s intros. Followed by the bass taking over with a cool riff that sustains later in the background. Gabi Rose starts with her lush and powerful vocals, then switches to her sax solos, which leaves you high on emotions. The music is so rich and layered, with a lot going on in the background, that you can’t hear it all from the first time. “Me & You” is appealing to the listeners who grew up appreciating jazz and blues, and to the younger, hip crowd who enjoys an upbeat song with pop elements. It surely is the best of both worlds. Check out their socials for the latest releases and live shows, don’t miss it!