MBG is the alternative rock project of Canadian multi-instrumentalist Leena Rodriguez. In the recording studio, Leena writes, produces, records and performs alongside her co-producer Phil Hirst.

Brand new track, “I’m Not In Luv,” explores little harmless crushes and what it means to be a third wheel, with the artist elaborating that “as a queer person having these feelings for your friends of the same sex while still trying to figure yourself out is a little wild, and scary, and this song is a little bit about that.”

As a live act, MBG consists of Leena (vocals, guitar), Rafael Callejas (vocals, bass), Morgan Dunbar (drums) and Phil Hirst (guitar, vocals). MBG hopes to break out in the Toronto indie rock scene by going against the grain of heavily dominated boy bands in the genre with her own loud, edgy and unique sound.

Press via Auteur Research


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